Britain’s Empty Bedrooms


Britain's Empty Bedrooms  is a documentary that highlights the crime of International Parental-Child Abduction – whereby one parent abducts a child out of their country.  It is a crime that is on the increase in the UK.  According to the Foreign Office, there are over 500 cases of  International Parental-Child Abduction each year (around 10 children a week) and this is a figure that is growing.

  In Britain's Empty Bedrooms we highlight the stories of five parents whose children have been abducted by their former partner, and the experiences that they face. 

  In almost all cases, a lot of difficulty occurs as British laws have not kept up with this phenomena and that the British authorities are unable and/or unwilling to do much tackle the problem.  There is also a real dearth of assistance given to these children by the British Consular authorities abroad.


The five parents who appear in the documentary are:

  1. 1)Sean Felton (son was abducted to Thailand).

  2. 2)*‘Emma’ (whose children were abducted to Dubai).

  3. 3)Leila Sabre (daughter was abducted in Egypt)

  4. 4)*‘Thomas’ (whose child was abducted to Laos)

  5. 5)Sarah Taylor (daughter was abducted to Libya)

(*Due to reporting restrictions imposed by the UK Courts, the identities of ‘Emma’ and ‘Thomas’ have been obscured.)

International Parental Child Abduction - a growing crime in the UK

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